Aug 17, 2010

Rise Above Plastics

Can you tell the difference between these two photos?

Well if you can you are smarter then this little guy.
Turtles eat Jellyfish, Not Plastic Bags! They cant break them down and end up suffocating.
Plastic Bags Kill Turtles!

70,000 plastic bags were picked up off california beaches by volunteers in ONE day. And even more are accumulating in our oceans. Plastic ocean litter is one of the deadliest threats to our marine life, who mistake it for food and or become entangled in it.

But now YOU can help!

By supporting the California bill to Ban the Bag. The California Assembly has passed the bill and the Governor has pledged support. But now we just need the Senate to push it through! So tell your Senator how you feel (click here). And Help save my playground and others home.

Every time you are asked paper or plastic say paper. Or as I say go paper save a turtle. Even better bring your own bag with you. If you go to the mall to buy a tee just take it as is no need for a big bag for one tee or dress. Do you part today to save the ocean for tomorrow

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