Jun 15, 2011

Random / Amazing Wednesday

I dont really have anything to blog about since I have been back from Peru. Last weekend me and Kevin went to Vegas, normal firework run. We hung out with Ashley went dancing and meet some new friend. Believe it or not I didn't take a single photo from Vegas.

But today is another story. Today I was looking at some of my favorite websites when I came across these two things.

The first is about if you took everyone in the world and put them in the USA based on the how dense these other places are in the world. If you don't understand don't feel bad it took me a min to figure it out.

And second is this video. Now you may or may not know but my sister and mother moved back east a few months ago. This video is from kind of where they live. After seeing this I may let me repeat MAY go visit. It's a long video but its really cool.

1 comment:

California-Lineberry said...

PLEASE come visit!!! I miss my Brother Bear SOOO much!!! We could go and rent a beach house--it would be GREAT!!!