Mar 25, 2011

OH Lunch

Have I ever told you how much I love

Well besides Italian, it's my number one favorite food.
And for lunch today I rounded up a few of the boys and headed over to the TEXAS BBQ PIT. Now this is not your normal BBQ Pit. Yes you can get a pulled pork sandwich or a small order of ribs. But why tease yourself, if you are going to get BBQ then get BBQ. And no one does it better then TEXAS. So me and boys got what they call the Round Up.

Behold the Round Up
Now this is not all of it, I had to take this pick before the boys dug in. What Is missing from this pic is 8 pieces of corn bread and a basket of fries. What is in the pic is a half of pound of cold slaw, half a pound baked beans, a whole chicken, a pound of pork spare ribs and a half a pound of hot link sausage. It feed us and we still had a doggy bag to bring back for a afternoon snack.
MAN I LOVE BBQ. How about you?

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