Sep 26, 2011

More Updates from around ME

Since my last post a few cool things have happen and I just wanted to fill you in. Let see where to start lets start with the bad. A week or so ago I went to the doctor to get X-rays on my back I have been having back pain since '09 and in the last few months it has been really bad. Well it turns out I have Osteoarthritis in my back.
Well as you could guess this was not fun to hear. I went to my chiropractor and told him both him and my sister told me I need to get a second on it. So now I am waiting for my X-rays so I can do that I also need to go back to my Doc so I can get a MRI referral.
Ok that was the bad new now on to the fun stuff. Two weekends ago me and my friend Liza went to Hurricane Harbor to use our Bounce Back tickets we got from when we went to Magic Mountain.
It was a perfect day it was about 85 and sunny and the park was not packed at all we did every ride and still had time to sit in the wave pool for a bit, and even laid out and get some rays.

Over the next week I did some fun stuff.
I got my moped working again
went to the Ducks game
and a just had a good time all together.

Then on Saturday me and Josh headed south for some surf. We went to this beach down by Sea World called Sunset Cliff. Neither me nor Josh had been here before so it was a little adventure for us.
It turned out to be a good trip we got some ok waves and had a good time.
Well thats about it for now. Hope you all out there are having a good time also.


ashley said...

you and liza cute.

suzieq said...

did you get the second yet. glad to see you're having fun