Aug 31, 2011

A Month Has Passed

Wow where has time gone. Forgive me father for I have sinned it has been 30 days since my last confession. Oh wait sorry wrong thing. But really this past month has just flown by. I have had an amazing month and done a bunch of stuff...I think. Lets see oh yeah.
Ok first off I forgot that I never blogged about Comic Con. Really it wasn't this month but it was the 2nd to last weekend of last month. It was 3 and a half days of nerd-dom that was amazing. I sat on panels and learned about all the new cartoon, movies and toys that are coming out next year. Was interviewed by Food Network for an episode of Cupcake Wars or The Next Food Network Star. They wouldn't tell me what it was for but Im guessing it was one of these because it was about these little bad boys.

Let see what else I already blogged about my camping/surfing/golf trip so no need for that.

Next on the list would be oh yes The US Open of Surfing and everything that goes along with it. Most people think that the Open is just surfing and what goes on at the beach. But like the song say "Everything gets hotter when the sun goes down". With that let me tell you the whole surf industry in located mainly in So Cal so when this event comes to town along with a Surf Trade show also going on its going to be crazy every night for that whole week. Cant really remember what happen on what day or what so I'll just list them in no random order.
1. Globe Year Zero Movie Premier

2. Lost Atlas Movie Premier

3. Blow Up / Taj Collection Party at RA Sushi Bar

4. Vans Get-N-Classic Movie Premier

5. The Sounds Free Concert

VIP wasn't so close but at least I didn't have to stand in the sand.

6. Surprise Excitement Party Movie Premier

I think that was about it for the week of the US Open. Oh wait not my friend Ashley came to town from Vegas and didn't hang out with me hahaha

(side note this photo was taken on a different visit)

My other friend Bayleigh took me to an Ellie Goulding Concert. She is some brit pop rock singer it was cool. It was at the Wiltern and that's one of my favorite places to see shows.

Next I went to Magic Mountain with my friend Liza her work was having a little party or team building thing there so we got in for free and free food. It was good fun the lines where kind of long but we made the best of it and hit a bunch of rides that didn't have too long of lines.

Throw in a few Disneyland trips here and there.

And I think that about rounds up my month. I mean if you add in the surfing that I did also and oh I moved in with my brother cause my roommate sprung on me last min that he was moving out and I need to find two roommates or take over the rent by myself.
Other then that It was a great month.

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Brandon and Mandy Judd said...

we are at the surf expo this week out here in Orlando, you didn't come out for it did you?