Jul 5, 2011

This Is Are Indie Pen Dance Day

Fourth of July weekend (4 day weekend). So here are the highlight.

Friday Disneyland
I got off work around 2 and headed over to Disneyland to meet up with some friends.

Chad, Derek, Kevin, Me, Bayleigh

We spent the whole rest of the day running around the park having a great time, we even stopped to watch the fireworks. Disneyland was surprisingly empty for a holiday weekend most lines were only 5 to 15 mins. It was kind of wired we are usually out of the park by 10pm or so when we go after work but tonight we stayed until 1 am. When we found our self walking down main street almost alone.

Of course after taking one last photo at King Author sword in the stone.

Bayleigh, Me, Derek, Chad

Saturday was a chill day
Started the day around 10am with a little surf session with Josh down in HB cause Newport was so jam packed. Not much to surf so we just hung out and did a little body surfing. Later that day I went over to my new friend Bayleigh's house to just hang out and watch a movie later that night we met up with Kevin for some dinner. I would have to say it was a great day.

Monday the 4th was a jam packed day
It started out with a yummy pancake breakfast put on by Josh's ward at this school over in Tustin. After breakfast we played on the jungle gym with Evie until she was done.

Next we headed down to CDM to do a little cliff diving.

Me cannon ball

Let me just state that the weather was amazing. It was about 87 no wind sunny and the water was perfect not to cold.

Big Corona a little to packed lets head over to Little Corona instead

After cliff diving we went back to Little Corona for some more body surfing and just enjoying the weather.

Last but not least was to head over to Buena Park for BBQ and Fireworks as always.

Spent the rest of the night eating yummy food, jumping in the bounce house, listening to live music by friends and setting off all the good fireworks I brought back from vegas.

Amazing weekend cant wait for next year.

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