Feb 20, 2011

Is This The End

Japan recalls whaling fleet this year from its annual whale hunt for what they call "Research". This is due to the Sea Shepherd constant harassment.
Japan's Agriculture Ministry which runs the whaling program recalled their fleet after they had only caught 170 Minke Whales and 2 Fin Whales. Normally they bring home 850 minke and 50 fin whales. This is the first time that the Sea Shepherd has succeeded in cutting Japan's annual hunt.

Now with that said lets move onto another thing that needs to stop.
There is one movie that everyone should see.
"The Cove"

It's not a new movie but it still needs to be seen. Here is another clip for all you that only do what the movie stars are telling you to do.

This is very powerful and true and because of my love for the sea and its animals I am all about this movie and its cause.
In October I will be going on a trip from Northern Cali to Mexico with a group from
The trip is to help raise awareness about the cause. I will be posting more on that to come . Until then go see the movie if you haven't seen it yet, and donate to the cause if you can.

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