Dec 12, 2010

Pipe Masters 2010

Once a year I get to design the Billabong Pipe Masters contest site. Its a big thing to me seeing that 1000's of people will see my work. When I first started graphic design I never thought it would lead to this. Its really cool to be able to say I design the contest site for the biggest surfing event in the world. So with that I just wanted to share with you some of the work.

The Tower from the water
Camera Tower side
In Hawaii if you can't make it down to the beach you can watch the contest on HD cable TV.
Camera Tower other side
Main Entrance to the event
Sunset Side of the Tower

I also wanted to show you what you get if you win the contest. This is a hand shaped Bolt board by Mr Pipeline Gerry Lopez and hand painted by Phil Roberts. It has this 24 gold leaf bottom. I wish I had the talent to win this beauty.

Well Enjoy and check out the webcast of the event and see some of my work

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