Oct 7, 2010

Angry Birds

There is this game on the iPhone that is the best selling game ever on the iPhone. Over a million people have it. The game is simple you shot birds at stuff and kill pigs who have stole the birds eggs.
Its a fun puzzle game and the sounds in the game are great. But here is the
I just found out that out of the over MILLION people who are playing this game I am in the top 10% for the highest score. This is really funny to me seeing that I dont play video games that much. So to be in the top 10% is pretty cool. Now you may ask what does this get me? Nothing! just the statifaction of it and thats all. ahahaha oh well off to the newest game Cut the Rope...


ashley said...

how do you even find out that you are in the top 10%? you nerd.

ashley said...

-jealous about your upcoming trips.
-even more jealous of the awesome prices you got.
-must have missed the billabong store..sorry.
-ex-boyfriend? im confused. have never dated nate.
-me and matix both love cut the rope. thanks. sometimes matix pretends he's a frog while he plays.